Boom Lifts

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Boom Lifts

When it comes to boom lifts, you ultimately have two different choices: telescoping boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. While the job of both of these machines is to put people into high places, both go about it in different ways, each with their pros and cons.


The main difference in the telescoping boom lift and articulating boom lift is their joint structure. With a telescoping boom lifts, the lift does exactly as the name suggests—it extends or retracts in one single direction (like pulling out a telescope). Because it is unidirectional, the point at where all of the telescoping pieces come together is still relatively strong; this allows telescoping booms to extend much further in a horizontal or vertical line because there is no risk that the joints will buckle.

Boom Lifts

Boom Lifts

Unlike the telescoping boom, articulating boom lifts have joints that work in a slightly different way.  Instead of extending out in one direction, articulating booms are able to pivot on their joints which allows the boom operator to reach tricky areas that requiring curving around which would otherwise be impossible for the straight-line application of the telescoping boom lift.


While the articulating boom does have an advantage in its flexibility and mechanical dexterity, the joints are not nearly as strong on an articulating boom as the segmentation of a telescoping boom. What this means is an articulating boom cannot stretch out in one direction as far as a telescoping boom without the risk of the joints buckling or becoming unsafe for the operator.


Ultimately if you are going for a straight line (such as the side of a building) and are unable to reach the area with a scissor lift (perhaps due to debris or other equipment being in the way) using a telescoping boom would most likely fit the situation the best. If, however, there are obstacles in the way that prevent a telescoping boom from reaching the target destination, articulating booms can usually maneuver their way around allowing the operator to reach just about anywhere.


For smaller applications (for work on residential or small commercial spaces, electric poles, trees, etc.) trailer mounted boom lifts are available making both telescoping and articulating boom lifts a practical solution for just about any job. These trailer mounted boom lifts can be transported by attaching them to personal vehicles (unlike larger booms that are often part of the vehicle itself), allowing them to be used practically anywhere.


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