Custom Manlifts

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Custom Manlifts

Custom Manlifts

 Before Custom Manlifts the days of having to use rope or chain pulleys to move people and materials vertically are over. Since the technology of electric manlifts came about, companies have been trying to provide the most customized manlifts possible.

Whether you’re looking for state of the art features and the ability to move the heaviest weights possible or just a bare bones man lift than moves only a few hundred pounds, custom manlifts from Buy Manlifts will meet your needs. And when it comes to something as dangerous as a manlift, you want to make sure you’re buying from the best.


Custom manlifts are the perfect passenger hoists for construction projects. Typically used on large scale projects these manlifts can also be used from everything to carrying personal to higher levels to carrying equipment as fast as possible between floors.

In the manlift world there are three main types of manlifts: utility, personnel, and dual-rated. The utility manlifts are mainly made to move material and equipment; personnel manlifts are designed to move people; and dual-rated, as the name suggests, are rated to move both equipment and personnel.


Custom Manlifts

Custom Manlifts

The custom manlifts we sell are safe, durable, and provide the most comfort possible, while meeting or exceeding all safety regulations (such as OSHA and ANSI standards). When you’re going up high with materials and equipment you want to make sure that nothing will cause you harm. Time and again we see that improperly designed and used lifts are the culprit behind falling and injury—even death.


Custom manlifts are a secure industrial way to get the job done. Crucial for getting up into high and dangerous places, custom manlifts are the go to tool for ensuring that the most dangerous jobs and their risks are taken into consideration and mitigated. These pneumatic or hydraulic operated devices provide the most power available to modern technology for all heavy lifting jobs.


Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel manlift, lift table, lift trucks, or vertical lifts, Buy Manlifts is able to meet your needs. We offer any type of stainless steel lift including small lifts, large lifts, lifts for heavy industrial equipment, or lifts for the home garage.

The custom lift trucks that we supply are rated to move everything from 500 to 100,000 pounds and come in low profile personal design, heavy duty truck design, high capacity stacker design, and the platform or rider truck versions as necessary.


Feel free to call if you’re looking for the best aerial manlifts on the market. We provide service all over the country and will customize the manlift you need to your exact specifications.

If you’ve tried other manlift providers and haven’t been happy with what you’ve found, we will be your last stop. Our expert staff and knowledgeable leaders are the industry’s best manlift producers.


Feel free to call our request more information about our custom manlifts. Our experts are available to answer any and all questions about your concerns or needs. We partner with the leading brands in the industry to provide the highest quality technology and service.

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