Explosion Proof Manlift from Buy Manlifts

August 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Explosion Proof Manlift from Buy Manlifts

Explosion Proof Manlift

Explosion Proof Manlifts being the topic, if you’re wondering whether or not you need an explosion proof manlift, just read the following news reports:

“Employee gets killed during paint facility explosion due to industrial lift not rated for hazardous environment (explosion proof manlift) ignites explosive gases.”

“After a battery powered lift ignites flammable mixture several individuals are hospitalized with serious injuries and over three million dollars in damages.”


Don’t let this be you. If these reports make you worried that perhaps, given the type of work you do not having an explosion proof manlift might make you our your employees the subject of one of these horrible news stories, you should probably consider purchasing an explosion proof manlift.


Each year the number of people killed in industrial fires and explosions is the result of millions of dollars in damages. And though we cannot put a price on the lost lives resulting from these industrial fires and explosions, the economic and social impact of such incidents is huge.


If you work around flammable gas or vapors it is essential that you consider the use of an explosion proof manlift. Many people will claim that because they’ve never had a problem with their manlift or any type of explosion or fire that they are safe. But, if they are using non-explosion proof manlifts in an environment that has the potential for explosion or fire given the types of vapors or chemicals being used, then luck over time is the only thing preventing them from such an incident.


For many companies the Federal Government has gone so far as to require the use of explosion proof manlifts; so, if your company is similar to these or uses similar hazardous gases, vapors, or dust, you really need to protect your employees, your company, and yourself from the possibility of a manlift ignited fire or explosion.


Our company is committed to providing the top-rated explosion proof manlifts so that you don’t have to worry about the loss of life, financial burden, or guilt and shame that is associated with an industrial catastrophe brought on by a non-explosion proof manlift.


Let’s say that only part of your company operates within hazardous locations and so you feel that it’s a risk worth taking by not purchasing the explosion proof manlift for that part of the company. The economic and social cost of a terrible incident occurring even in that one part of the company may be enough to ruin your whole business. So, when you assess the costs versus benefits of having an explosion proof manlift, don’t just consider the loss to that one part of the business—consider the loss of everything you’ve worked for.


Feel free to call us or send us a request for more information if you have questions or concerns about our explosion proof manlifts. Our experts and staff are happy to help you understand the exact benefits associated with having an explosion proof manlift and will be able to field all of your questions. If you’re in an industry where you might need this extra protection, can you even afford to wait? Call us now!

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