Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts

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Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts
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Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts


Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts Features:

The additions of the DMSL-10, DMSL-12 DMSL-19 and DMSL-26 complement our current push able MSL-10 and MSL-12 models. The exciting addition of the DMSL-19 and DMSL-26 represent our ability to now offer scissor lifts with working heights up to 32 feet. These versions have the same high quality standards that are present in our smaller push-able mini scissor lifts, while being economical too.

Other features include:

  • Self-Lock Gate
  • Drivable at full heights
  • Emergency Lowering System
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Forklift Pockets
  • 500 lbs.Capacity

DMSL-10 and DMSL-12

  • Maximum Occupants = 1

DMSL-19 and DMSL-26

  • Maximum Occupants = 2

The added feature of the roll-out cantilevered platform provides additional access to machinery and equipment. The driveability will also improve productivity and minimize the strains from pushing lifts.


Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts Specifications:

Model No. Working Height Platform Max. Height Platform Lowered Height Platform (W”xL”) Platform Extension Base (W”xL”) Overall Height Weight (Lbs.) Power
DMSL-10 16′ 10′ 29″ 28″x46″ 22″ 30″x46″ 73″ 1246 2 – 12V Batteries
DMSL-12 19′ 12′ 33″ 28″x46″ 22″ 30″x46″ 77″ 1300 2 – 12V Batteries
DMSL-19 26′ 19′ 42″ 29″x66″ 36″ 30″x74″ 86″ 3164 4 – 6V Batteries
DMSL-26 32′ 26′ 48″ 32″x90″ 36″ 32″x98″ 92″ 4718 4 – 6V Batteries



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