New Maintenance Lifts MLI Series at Buy Manlifts

October 10, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


New Maintenance Lifts at Buy Manlifts

New Maintenance Lifts at Buy Manlifts Features:


  • 1,000 to 2,000 lb. capacities
  • Up to 144 inches in height
  • Wheels and handle for maneuverability
  • Pivoted steering handle with two swivel casters and two rigid wheels; positive-action floor locks prevent movement.
  • Work platform enclosed for worker safety
  • Includes guard rail with entry safety chain. Remote control is available on all models.
  • Includes velocity fuses (over-center holding valves on double acting systems) for worker safety in the event of hydraulic failure.

Our new Maintenance Lifts at Buy Manlifts are for lifting people, not materials.

Here are some of the models we offer:

New Maintenance Lifts MLI Series Specifications:

Capacity (lb.) Deck
Size (in)
Travel (in)
Height (in)
Height (in)
Model Number

Electric Motor Air Motor Gas Engine LPG Engine
1,000 32×60 120 24 144 MLI-1000-E MLI-1000-A MLI-1000-G MLI-1000-LP
1,500 32×60 76 20 96 MLI-1500-E MLI-1500-A MLI-1500-G MLI-1500-LP
2,000 32×60 40 16 56 MLI-2000-E MLI-2000-A MLI-2000-G MLI-2000-LP

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