Scissor Lift Aerial Work Platform

August 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Scissor Lift Aerial Work Platform

Scissor lift (electric/diesel)

 Does your job require a lot of workspace and lifting capacity but reach and height are not a big concern? Well, you’re probably in the market for an electric or diesel scissor lift. If you’re not sure what a scissor lift is, the name kind of gives it away. These lifts move vertically (up and down), and will provide more work space and load capacity than any type of boom lift—and their lifting mechanism really does look like a scissor.


Scissor lifts contain a vertical moving platform that links together criss-crossed “X” pattern pantograph or scissor mechanics. The motion that a scissor lift follows applies pressure to the lowest support set and elongates the crossing pattern effectively driving the platform used for work in a vertical-only direction.

Whether you’re looking for a hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical leadscrew and rack and pinion type of scissor lift, you’ll certainly be able to find a product among our selection to fit your needs. The power system used (and whether or not it’s electric or diesel) will determine how the lift works and will correlate to the type of need that you have for the scissor lift.


Part of the larger group of aerial work platforms, scissor lifts really are the ideal “platform” based lifting tool. Because the lift only moves in a vertical direction more space can be engineered for working while in the up position of the lift. So, one will see these lifts used on sites where having to get into tight spaces isn’t the priority. The priority for job sites that require a scissor lift will be work space, load weight, and height.


Because load weight and work space are ample with scissor lifts, many industries make use of scissor lifts to move and install large pieces of equipment. The safety of scissor lifts, then, is all about using them properly for the purpose and not reaching or overstretching the safe load width of such lifts. Reaching out over the sides of a scissor lift is very dangerous and has resulted in the fatalities of individuals who violate the proper use guidelines of scissor lifts. So, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to the scissor lifts.


The main benefit of the cross-x design or the so-called “scissor” is the exponentially increased strength that comes with this design. Because force is spread across the x shape and, thus, distributed across a greater plane. Physically this means that the scissor lift is strong and more stable than many other types of lifts, which certainly explains how they are able to move huge loads high into the air.


If you have any questions about our scissor lift products or whether or not this is the ideal type of lift for the job you have, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and our experts will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. We ship our scissor lifts all over the world and happily serve a variety of customers.

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