Telescoping boom lift

August 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Telescoping boom lift

Why would you want a telescoping boom lift? The main reason people get telescoping boom lifts is because they need to reach places that would otherwise be impossible with other lifts. The horizontal reach that you get from a telescoping boom lift is better than any other type of aerial platform. In fact, this design lift is perfect for those looking to access limited spaces at construction or other industrial sites.

The productivity savings you’ll have with the traction and drive speeds of telescoping boom lifts will have you and your crew moving around your work space with the kind of alacrity and efficiency of the best crews.


The main benefit of the telescoping boom lift is that you can really get anywhere you need to get. That is, if you mainly work in areas with limited access or have to get over large objects (like airplanes or huge machines that cannot be moved for easier access), the telescoping boom lift is pretty much perfect.

The tailswing on telescoping boom lifts is perfect for getting into the tightest spaces and most options we sell will be of the dual-fuel variety (gas or LPG) and that means you’ll be able to use the boom lift either indoors or outdoors, depending on what your needs are—and those can be many.


Up, around, and over. These are the three words most associated with boom lifts. Reach and reliability are probably the other two words but the modern engineering that goes into telescoping boom lifts involves the kind of enhanced efficiency that working in a modern industry requires.

Whether it’s the best value you’re looking for or best in class technology like self-leveling on any terrain, the telescoping booms we provide will serve what your needs are, and that really is the point. Reach, performance, and the ability to complete every job is what you get with a telescoping boom lift.


Horizontal reach cannot be stressed enough when it comes to boom lifts. The horizontal reach is by far the biggest benefit of a boom lift. You’ll see people using them to clean and repair statues, or access, repair, or pain water towers. You’ll find them used frequently in airplane design and repair as well as on construction sites. The outreach allows exact positioning wherever the needs of work demand and the wide base and balance point feet provide for the most versatile lift technology on the market.


Whether you need to reach up or reach out a boom lift is the easiest transport and setup system for such a job. Work envelopes that offer outstanding and intuitive control will provide any operator with the exact kind of reach for whatever job that falls before them. But, not only is the boom itself capable of doing a wide variety of jobs because, well, it really is built to work. The easy controls of modern telescoping booms is what entices many of our customers.

It doesn’t require two weeks of training to master what these booms can do.

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